Thursday, 5 May 2011

Alkaline Normal Battery Charger at $40

Alkaline Normal Battery Charger at $40

As stated in the Straits Time article “Giving old batteries a new lease of life” dated 04 September 2010, a local firm had invented a new charger for normal alkaline battery.  Sell at $85 at Bliss Computer Trading in Sim Lim.  It is too expensive. 

Now, you can get this prototype charger at a price of $40, one Energizer battery costs $1, if you collect 50 old batteries from you colleagues, recharge for them and sell back to them, you earn back your initial investment. Provide convenience to your colleagues and save the Earth.

This is a special Alkaline Battery Charger that has the ability recharge typical rechargeable batteries and also non-rechargeable alkaline batteries together at the same time. (Size AA & AAA)

When a typical alkaline battery runs out of power, usually there is 20% power left within the battery that still can be used, so this charger is able to reactivate the remaining charge within the alkaline battery making it go an extra mile. It is an eco-friendly way to reduce pollution from battery disposal.

Product Features
·  Controlled by highly intelligence Micro-programmed Control Unit.
·  Constant current output. Overcharge and short circuit protection. Maximum time, capacity and voltage control.
·  High precision Delta, V and Delta, V detection.
·  Single Electrical Quantity Detection Technology, Precision control, convenient and intuitive individual status indication.
·  Ni-MH batteries with different capacity and variety are allowed to be charged in a mixed way with the alkaline batteries.
·  High density of integration and high stability control circuit.
·  Automatic trickle charge function.
·  Intelligent Failure Recognition Technology can identify defective Alkaline battery safety reliability are guaranteed.

15min to charge one battery and about 1.5hrs to charge 4 batteries DO NOT CHARGE ZINC CARBON BATTERY, only charge alkaline battery.

Green light indicate fully charge, red blinking light indicate charging in process


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