Friday, 2 December 2011

Little Gifts & Accessories 02

Little Gifts & Accessories 02

- Bulb in a card $2.50
- CCTV Decoy $6
- Travel Universal Adaptor $7
- Water mist Spray Fan $3
- 2007 - 2056 Calendar KeyChain $2.50
- Stainless Steel Liquor Flask with funnel $10
- USB powered fan $10

A credit card size light bulb $2.50


CCTV decoy require (2 AA batteries) look like real and orginal with recording light and screws $6


Traval Universal Adaptor with surge protector $7


Water mist spraying fan, cool better than normal fan $3


2007 - 2056 year Stainless Steel Calendar Keychain, can check the date from 2007 to 2056,
can also use it as a mirror

USB powered fan with 4 metal blades $10, stronger wind compare with plastic blades
Sim Lim selling at $12 - $15


Stainless steel liquor flask, keep vodka in your pocket, come with a funnel $10

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Little Gifts & Accessories 01

Little Gifts & Accessories 01

-USB Optical Mouse Blue Sport Car $12

-Dynamo Torch (Pink/Green Pig) no battery require, twin LEDs, environmental friendly $2

-Transparent Solar Power Calculator (Red, Blue, Green) $2.50



 -Cartoon Pen Stamp, marker on the head, roller stamp on the bottom $1.50

-USB/AAA battery power Hand Held Massager (Pink, Red, Green) free usb cable $5

-Staple Free Staple (Orange) staple papers without staples, environmental friendly $2

-USB Hub Man, 4 USB port for fan, light, thumbdrive, charging etc $5

-USB Power Light, use for night reading, inside car, etc $3.50

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