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28 October 2011, Friday, Iphone 4S launch in Singapore.
Volumetric dimensions 115.2mm x 58.6mm x 9.3mm same as Iphone 4 casing
Weight 140g, 3g heavier than iphone 4 due to increase in battery capacity
Screen 3.5 inch IPS TFT with 960 x 640 pixel display

- Iphone multi color Stylus pen $2 (extend version for Ipad Stylus pen $5) multi color
- Iphone Data Cable $4
- Car Cigratte Lighter Black Color 1 USB = $6
- Iphone Design notepad $1
- Iphone Repair Kit $3
- Mirco Sim Card Adapter $1.50
- Mirco Sim Card Cutter + 2 free Adapter =  $8
- Iphone Armband $6 + free iphone design notepad
- Iphone Car Charger $15
- Iphone Amplifier $8
- Iphone holder for Car $8
- Iphone home button Angry Bird Series $2
- Iphone 1900mhA Battery $12
- Iphone 4800mhA Battery $40
- Iphone Screen Protector Matt front & rear with wipe cloth $2.50
- Iphone 3.5mm & charging port cover (black or white) $1 (must buy together with stylus pen $2)
- Iphone 2 Pin Plug $5
- Iphone Casing black moshi, white camera
- Iphone Remote Control Helicopter

Stylus pen $2 each, about 5cm, various colors, clip on the headphone jack
Ipad Stylus pen $6 each

Iphone Original Data Cable $4, can charge and transfer of data,
Desgin by Apple in California Assemble in China
Not $2 Daiso charging cable, which exclude the 2 data pin


Car Cigratte Lighter Black Color 1 USB = $6
Car Cigratte Lighter Black Color 2 USB = $8
Also have 12V Car Battery Tester, general information about car battery
<11.5v              Danger your vehicle may not be able to start
11.5v - 11.9v   Battery is old, require to change soon
12v - 14.9v      12.6v when engine is not turn on, 14.3v when engine is on
>15v                 Battery overcharge Danger  

Iphone Repair Kit $3, good for modifiy your iphone


Iphone Design Notepad $1 each, min order of 2, 1: 1 scale of iphone size


Mirco Sim Card Adapter $1.50 each, min order of 2

Mirco Sim Card Cutter + 2 free Adapter = $8
Mobile Handphone Shop charge you $5 just to cut a SIM card


Iphone Armband $8 + free iphone design notepad, great for jogging with Nike GPS App


Iphone Car Charger $15, the Apple logo will light up in blue during charging

Iphone Amplifier $6,  amplify the sound from your iphone


Iphone holder for car $8, can also use it to hold GPS and any other mobile phones

Iphone home button Angry Bird Series $1.50


1900mhA BATTERY $12

4800mhA  BATTERY $40, can charge IPAD, IPHONE, IPOD
can also charge any other mobile phone, Nokia, Samsung, etc & USB powered device
built in high power LED light, can use it as a torchlight


Iphone screen protector Matt front & rear with wipe cloth $2.50

Iphone 3.5mm & charging port cover $1 (must buy one sylus pen together at $2)
Iphone 2 pin plug for charing iphone $5 (set with cable is $8)


Iphone moshi black & white camera cover limited stock


Iphone helicopter download apps "ihelicopter"

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